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We value the un(der)paid work that is essential for communities to become healthy, sustainable, and resilient. We do this through our Community Exchange Network, a marketplace for local goods and services driven by community currency.

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How It Works

Our system is the means to address needs, create livelihoods, and ensure that communities prosper. The involveMINT Community Exchange Network (CEN) is the platform on which all stages of meaningful impact are initiated, documented and measured.

Our Goal

Empower Individuals

We empower individuals to work for the good of their communities by providing them with Community Currency that will keep wealth within the community.

Tackle Chronic Issues

Our flexible Community Exchange Network values community members tackling issues relating to health care, food security, environment, education, or any other chronic challenge.

Build Wealth

For every hour of service, individuals receive a Community Currency worth $15 that can be used at local businesses, creating a beneficial cycle that can reduce poverty while strengthening our communities.

"It's fantastic to be able to do something you love and earn while doing it."

We empower communities to adopt impactful projects, solve problems, and create livelihoods through a local network of goods and services.

Challenges We Face

As our society faces new and unprecedented 21st century challenges such as climate change and social inequality, we believe the nature of work will be changing in response. A shift in to more human-centered social care and environmental stewardship - types of labor typically undervalued by our current economy - is warranted. Therefore, involveMINT is here to create new systems to value this type of labor, (re)build our communities, and tackle the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Your contribution will go through our sponsor, New Sun Rising.

Our Journey

  • Building Greenhouse @ Wilkinsburg
  • Social Enterprise involveMINT Program
  • Food Security, Refreshed
  • 645 Hours of Service
  • $306,300 Value of Impact
  • 30+ New Community Partnerships

Together, we can make a difference in our communities, cities, and the world.

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