Community Exchange Network

The Community Exchange Network is a web application that connects communities to resources through community currency. Our web app gives community members more agency to move their local economy forward, stabilizing against economic and environmental shocks, and increasing local resilience.

Community Currency

Community Currencies are emerging as a form of community investment alongside philanthropic, government, and private sector funding. By serving for impactful projects, ChangeMakers can earn Community Currencies, which can be accepted and exchanged among community businesses, residents, and organizations, affording access to goods and services while keeping wealth local.

Proof of Impact

The Proof of Impact feature enables partners across the network to see the impact of ChangeMaker participation, associated economic impact, and track progress in attaining goals on projects. The feature also catalogues a ChangeMaker's service in their timeline, forming a social resume to document their contributions. ChangeMakers create Proof of Impact by documenting their service in the form of photos, videos, and Sustainable Development Goal impact data in "MINT" community currency in exchange.


No Poverty
Good Health and Well-Being
Climate Action
Zero Hunger
Life on Land
Responsible Consumption and Production