ChangeMakers serve on the projects and earn community currency in exchange for their service and documentation of their Proof of impact through Sustainable Development Goals.

Be a ChangeMaker
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Find Your Cause

Easily discover ChangeMaker projects and opportunities on our app, sign up to serve, then contribute time to a nonprofit's cause.

Build and Connect to Your Community

Use our web app to connect with friends & neighbors working on the same or similar projects. By working together on community projects, ChangeMakers feel better supported and connected. ChangeMakers can also exchange community currency to feel more interdependent on their community members, while gaining access to opportunities that local businesses provide.

Create a Meaningful Living

Find exchange opportunities on our app and spend your credits at any of our business partners. We bring value to your precious time and make meaningful work affordable.

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Join our network and provide offers, make requests, and stay connected.



ExchangePartners are local businesses and vendors providing goods and services in exchange for community currency. ExchangePartners can then exchange community currency among other vendors to grow their business, keep money local, and increase community resilience.

Be an ExchangePartner
Increase Revenue

Joining the network to accept community currency opens a new channel of revenue to spend on other products and services available at other businesses throughout the network. ChangeMakers come directly to your business to redeem their credits, while bringing additional patrons, making additional purchases, and becoming repeat customers.

Grow Your Community

Your products and services directly support ChangeMakers addressing challenges in your community, associating your business with positive impact. Moreover, the network connects you to other business owners and contractors in your area, creating new professional connections and building community.

Build Brand Awareness

Use our app to showcase your business. Your products, services, and business gain visibility to a whole new market of community stewards - all at no cost to you. Your newly minted customers create social media content about their experience, generating buzz around your business.



ServePartners organize projects that use theCommunity Exchange Network to host impactfulprojects that address community challenges.

Be a ServePartner
Effortlessly Staff Projects

involveMINT showcases your service opportunites to interested and available users nearby, allowing effortless ChangeMaker recruitment. involveMINT's ChangeMaker profiles contain information relevant to your organization, including prior experience and skills, sp you can instantly learn about who you are recruiting.

Sustain Projects Long-Term

Creating systemic change is not limited to days or even weeks, but years and decades of work. ServePartners implementing/joining the Community Exchange Network gain access to a sustainable network of resources.

Tell Meaningful Stories

Content created at the source of impact enables the creation of automated impact stories augmented with important data, inspiring meaningful call to actions for your organization and avoiding the need for external documentation.

Together, we can make a difference in our communities, cities, and the world.

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